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Writers You Should Know: Kea Krause


Kea Krause is a brilliantly talented writer, a genius editor, and definitely one of the best people I know. Her writing is smart and poetic in every subject she takes on––from Great White Sharks to family alcoholism.

I feel so lucky to know her as both a writer and as a friend, and today I am super excited to brag on her behalf: Kea’s essay “What’s Left Behind”––about the largest contaminated body of water in the United States, a flooded copper mine in Butte, Montana––was published in The Believer last fall (read an excerpt here). Her essay was subsequently picked up by the Best American series, and today is the big day––the Best American series 2016 is out now on your favorite local bookstore’s bookshelves!

So go out and buy The Best American Science Writing 2016 right now and read Kea’s essay! Oh, I’m sorry, you’re not really into science writing? That’s okay, because Kea’s essay is also featured in The Best American Travel Writing 2016. No big deal.


Here is Kea in The Best American Science Writing 2016…


… and here she is in The Best American Travel Writing 2016!

Congratulations, Kea! So proud of you!


  • Eric Clapton

    I’m supposed to be doing homework when I see a new EB Article. Instant click.

    October 4, 2016
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