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Kids, stay out of trouble and sign up for my GrubStreet class!

Are you a writer between the ages of 13-18, looking for something to do the week of August 7-11? Well, lucky you! Sign up for my GrubStreet class There’s a Story in That: Making Stories from Real Life for Teens. This teen writing camp course meets Monday, August 7 through Friday, August 11, from 10:30am-3:30pm daily.

Here’s the course description:

When you hear “nonfiction” you probably think of the 500-page biographies of presidents that your grandfather likes to read. But nonfiction is so much more than that! It’s a huge genre that encompasses everything that isn’t fiction! There is so much out there. Learn about the power of true stories as we use writing prompts to find and create personal, true stories from the elements of real life––using photographs, text messages, emails, and objects. You can create an exciting plot line from the most ordinary experiences, and in this workshop, we will look at how to turn real-life stories into tales that are as captivating as any novel! We will also examine the many different ways you can approach writing nonfiction. We will look at examples that range from the confessional tell-all narrative to the hybrid researched-personal story to the family myth, and then students will get a chance to try on each of these sub-genres themselves through a series of writing exercises. Readings may include excerpts by Eula Biss, Margo Jefferson, Claudia Rankine, Marjane Satrapi, and/or Brian Doyle. All you need to bring is a positive attitude. Writing notebooks will be available, but feel free to bring your own. For writers age 13-18 ONLY.  

Contact me with any questions! Hope to see you there, all my former students who read my blog!

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