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My summer classes at GrubStreet start very soon! If you are considering signing up, stop stalling and register today. Non-Fiction by Non-Men (Monday nights, 6pm-9pm, June 4th through August 6th) starts in less than a week. Intro to Creative Nonfiction: Online

Shout out to all my students who found my blog this year. Happy summer, people! Enjoy! A special shoutout to the student who wrote her own dog haiku in my honor (you know who you are): Thanks for a great year, kids! I

I'm extremely excited to announce that I have a short nonfiction piece––"Claustrophobia"––in volume IV of the small, Boston-area-based zine/magazine Infinite Scroll. The theme of the issue is TIME & MONEY. To read the full piece, buy a copy of Infinite Scroll, either online or at